Escolhas selects scholarship students in the 3rd notice of the Chair of Economy and Environment

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Escolhas Institute carries out the course “Economy and Environment: Computable General Equilibrium”, in partnership with Nereus/USP

Escolhas Institute, in partnership with the Regional and Urban Economics Center of the University of São Paulo (NEREUS – USP), started the Economy…

Scholars of the Environment Chair present preliminary research data

Studies tackle urban mobility and the use of natural gas vehicles The number of vehicles in São Paulo is constantly growing. At the…

Climate Changes in Brazil: Systemic Effects Among the Brazilian Economy from Changes in Agricultural Productivity (in progress)

Poster elaborado por Bruno Santos de Souza, bolsista da Cátedra Economia e Meio Ambiente, e Eduardo Amaral Haddad.

Tributação e Meio Ambiente – Aula 5

Tributação e Meio Ambiente – Aula 4 21 de março de 2017 Material utilizado no curso Tributação e Meio Ambiente, ministrado por Bernard…

Cátedra Economia e Meio Ambiente: Lígia Vasconcellos

Lígia Vasconcellos, do Instituto Escolhas, fala sobre a Cátedra Economia e Meio Ambiente.

Cátedra Economia e Meio Ambiente: Priscila Borin

Priscila Borin, do Insper, fala sobre a Cátedra Economia e Meio Ambiente.

Course: Taxation and the Environment

Teacher: Bernard Appy Format: Extension course Start March 6: Mondays and Wednesdays, from 18:30 to 20:30 Hours: 20 hours Places: 40 students Fees:…

Economy and Environment Master’s and Doctoral Scholarship Program Selection Announcement – Year 2017

  The Choices Institute Founded in 2015, the Choices Institute is a think tank that endeavors to qualify the debate on sustainability by…