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Escolhas presents partial results of new study on deforestation

Online event brought together around 40 experts to discuss data revealing the effects of deforestation on land prices On the 18th of November,…

Belém City Hall celebrates partnership with Escolhas

The Escolhas Institute and Belém City Hall signed a Cooperation Agreement for the development of studies and analysis in the capital city of…

Escolhas Chair: article analyzes the effectiveness of the law against burning sugarcane plantations in São Paulo

In 2002, the São Paulo state government implemented Law 11241, with the intention of gradually banning the practice of straw burning during the…

Data on illegal gold mobilizes indigenous leaders, ambassadors and the media

The policy brief “Brazil exports illegal gold” released by the Instituto Escolhas in early August has received wide attention from national and international…

With biogas, Amazon states can generate electricity for over 2 million people

In the midst of yet another energy crisis, Brazil literally throws away more than 1TWh of electricity   While Brazil faces yet another…

Brazil exports illegal gold

Study by Instituto Escolhas shows that more than 19 tons of gold exported by Brazil lack any registration of origin or permits  …

The Instituto Escolhas is an organization that, through research, studies and analyses, seeks to identify the economic, social and environmental costs of public and private projects on themes such as energy, oceans, forests and urbanization.
(Escolhas means choices in Portuguese)

Inspirational photos kindly provided by the authors. The images express shared political commitments and project aesthetic and ethical values compatible with the socio-environmental diversity of Brazil.

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