Course: Taxation and the Environment

Teacher: Bernard Appy

Format: Extension course

Start March 6: Mondays and Wednesdays, from 18:30 to 20:30

Hours: 20 hours

Places: 40 students

Fees: Free course

Registration: January 10 to February 20, via Insper’s website


This course will examine the issue of taxation and the environment from the point of view of economic theory and through practical examples. The efficiency and effectiveness of the use of tax instruments, either as a means of burdening negative externalities or stimulating good environmental practices, will be evaluated. The analysis will focus mainly on specific issues related to Brazil.

Target Audience:

Economics students and related areas and professionals interested in the subject of taxation and the environment.


Have at least an incomplete higher education level.

Selection criteria:

For students: curriculum analysis (in terms of credits and performance), letter of interest, letter of recommendation.

Other inscriptions: CV short, letter of interest for the course, letter of recommendation.

Obs. Priority will be given to Economics students if there are more applications than vacancies.