After a year of activity on the theme of economics and the environment, the founding partners of the Choices Institute confirmed their initial premise that there are still only a few centers for study and researchers focused on this theme, despite the worthy, yet isolated, efforts of some researchers.

Launched on November 9, 2017, the Economics and Environment Chair aims to encourage the teaching and research of contemporary and global socio-environmental issues from an economic sciences perspective. With actions that stimulate cooperation between Brazilian and foreign institutions, the Chair will contribute towards expanding the number of researchers that are addressing the complexity of environmental issues in an objective way, establishing bridges of dialogue between the diverse understandings that are so important for overcoming the dilemmas inherent Brazil’s development processes.

Itaú-Unibanco is the principal sponsor or the Economy and Environment Chair.

Objectives of the Chair

The general objectives of the Choices Institute Economics and Environment Chair:

  • To stimulate within the Brazilian academic environment the use of the economic sciences in the study of the contemporary socio–environmental issues;
  • To emphasize to the Brazilian academic environment the importance of training specialists who can dedicate themselves to teaching and researching contemporary socio-environmental issues from an economic sciences perspective;
  • To strengthen the cooperation between professors and researchers in other countries with those of Brazilian higher education institutions dedicated to teaching and researching contemporary social-environmental issues from an economic sciences perspective;
  • To contribute to the mobility of teachers/researchers between foreign teaching and research institutions, and higher education institutions in Brazil;
  • To contribute to the greater availability of Environmental Economics training in Brazil;
  • To stimulate students (masters and doctoral) to research the contemporary socio-environmental issues from an economic sciences perspective;
  • To promote courses, seminars, and lectures in the Brazilian academic community that approach socio-environmental themes from an economic sciences perspective.

Partnership with Insper

The Economics and Environment Chair has been developed in partnership with Insper, a non-profit higher education and research institution based in the city of São Paulo specializing in administration, economics, law, and engineering. At Insper, this Chair will be linked to the Nucleus of Studies into Environment and Urban Centers, (part of the Center for Business Studies).

Insper offers undergraduate, MBA, professional master’s, doctorate, and executive education courses. Recognized in Brazil and abroad, Insper has partnerships and certifications with several international teaching and research institutions.

Insper supports the choice of themes and suggestions by teachers/researchers for the Extension format teaching activities. In addition, Insper receives the participants of the exchange and will assist in the other teaching activities of the Chair.

In addition, through the Nucleus of Studies in Environment and Urban Centers, Insper can participate in research projects and/or support the orientation of researches of fellows from other universities, in addition to promoting Workshops/Conferences to discuss the results of the research carried out by scholars and professors of the Chair.