The Instituto Escolhas is a nonprofit civil organization founded in August 2015. It aims to qualify the debate on sustainability by translating into numbers the economic, social, and environmental impacts of public and private decisions. Its objective is to produce studies, analyses, and reports to support new approaches and arguments capable of overcoming the ideological polarization in planning conflicting choices, enabling solutions to make sustainable development feasible.


Only qualified arguments can overcome controversial trade-offs in the economy, and consolidate decisions regarding difficult choices, thus enabling the building of effective solutions for sustainable development.


Boldness. Usage of mathematical language to measure and compare the degree of sustainability of public and private policies, creating innovative scenarios integrated by information cross-checking. Consistency. Developing the capacity to process multiple data with methodological rigor, producing solid arguments, systematic statistics, and comparative charts to help in analyses and conscious choices. Independence. Working through networks with autonomous research, open to diverse perspectives and plural viewpoints, overcoming prejudices and explaining facts and numbers with independence from any ideology.

Decisive choices

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There is a lot of opinion and little information to promote real integration of sustainable development with Brazilian public and private policies. There is lack of data, statistics, numbers, and costs for planning, and above all, for addressing the conflicting choices that oppose economists and environmentalists. This gap hinders consensus and fosters ideological polarization. The Instituto Escolhas helps to overcome these impasses. We believe the production of accurate information generates understandable arguments and qualifies analyses that enable solid decisions.