Angra 3: Is it worth the cost?

This Discussion Paper is an accomplishment of Instituto Escolhas that based on a copiled data proposes a reflection on investments and returns in the constructioin of Nuclear Power Plant Angra 3 (RJ).





The Discussion Paper of Escolhas “Electric power in the future: Where does gas stand in the Land of Sunshine and Wind?”







The third discussion paper “From Trash to Treasure: Biogas in Amazonas State’s Bioeconomy Agenda” shows how biogas presents itself as one of the posibilities of making treasure from trash and leveraging the bioeconomy in Amazon, as it is a fuel produced from organic matter easily found in the forest. Biogas has the potential to mitigate carbon emissions and transform the energy issue in the region, which depends on complex logistics to take diesel oil through rivers to the most isolated cities.






The Discussion Paper of Escolhas “The new gold rush in the Amazon: where prospectors, financial institutions and flawed monitoring come together an stay and advance over the forest” analyzes and show the scope of the expansion of gold digging  in the Amazon,  of illegal gold, of deforestation and growing demand for safer financial assets, at a time of severe economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Text was written by the journalist and researcher, Marta Salomon.




The others Discussion Text are available in Portuguese page.